How To Make Your Own ABC

By Paige Stewart

Making your own non-fiction alphabet book is easy and fun! Jerry Pallotta began writing his books with no education on book writing, and now he's a very famous author! Here's a few easy steps to get you on your way to being a author, just like Jerry Pallotta!

Things You May Need:



-crayons, paint, color pastels, colored paper (however you want to illustrate!)

-computer/clip art (if you want to make your book on a computer)


-a creative mind!

What You Do:

-Jerry always writes about things that he knows a lot about or has researched. Try to think about something you are an expert on. Maybe it is

soccer, or computers, or dogs, or dance, or your family, or even yourself, anything works!

-Sit down and write or type the whole alphabet.

-After each letter write "is forů" then a word that starts with that letter that deals with your topic. Then write a sentence or two describing that word and why it deals with your topic.

-Continue this for every letter up to Z. (Hint: Some letters may be harder that others. Use a dictionary if you need it. Also, be creative with your words. Sound words or describing words are sometimes great ones to use for these hard letters.)

-When you are finished with all of your writing go back and make your illustrations. Your illustrations should deal with the word you chose and how it relates to your topic. And rememberů.BE CREATIVE, IT'S YOUR BOOK!!!!!

-When you are finished, have an adult help you to "bind" the book, or put it together. You can do this many ways. One way is to stack all of your papers (make sure they are in the right order) and punch holes in the side, then tie the papers together with yarn or ribbon. You can also choose another way, ask an adult for any ideas or think of some yourself!

-And now, you have your very own The (fill in the blank) Alphabet Book by: YOU!