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Welcome to the Portfolio

I am a 2004 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and I've worked at UNC for almost seven years. Currently, I am a Instructional Technology Developer with the Instructional Support team at the UNC School of Government. Prior to this position, I worked for five years as Manager of the Foreign Language Resource Center in the Department of Romance Languages. In this position, I collaborated with instructors and other departments on projects to improve the quality of language teaching as well as integrating innovative technology into the language curriculum.

My philosophy is that technology should be used to supplement the classroom activites - not simply adding just because it looks/seems like the cool thing to do. I typically use a backwards design approach when managing projects - looking at the desired end result and then working backwards to determine what is needed to reach this end result.

On the About this site page, I have explained in more detail what I did to customize this template and also provided a link to the original template and css file so that you can compare the versions.