Ginny is the daughter of Evelyn Gertrude Flowers, the daughter of Elizabeth Leigh Michael, the daughter of Anna Elizabeth Rawlings. Anna's great-great-great-grandfather Gregory Rawlings married Hannah Knott.

Not much is known about this Surry County family. Some people believe that William Knott of Surry County, Virginia, was the son of James Knott, a wealthy early planter who came to the Eastern Shore in 1617, moved to Nansemond County in the mid 1630s, and then settled in St. Mary's County, Maryland, where he did in 1651. James did have a son named William. The problem with this theory is that there clearly were several Knott families in early Virginia and Maryland, and I don't see any evidence that James's son was living in Surry County.

11 William Knott Sr. died in Surry County in or close to 1665. In 1653 he patented two tracts, totaling 312 acres, on the southeast side of Upper Chippokes Creek about a mile and a half above the James River. This land is at the western edge of the county. He definitely had a son William Jr. and probably had other children as well. His widow Mary married William Carpenter, who died in 1696; Mary died in 1699.

10 William Knott Jr. was probably born in the 1650s; he was not of age when his father died in 1665. In 1666, however, he secured a fresh patent on his father's 312 acres. He appears on the 1678 tithable list for Surry, living with his stepfather. In 1691 he patented an additional 216 acres on the north side of the western branch of Upper Chipokes Creek; this was across the county line in Prince George (then Charles City) County. He has two known children, William III and Hannah. He died in February 1718.

9 Hannah Knott married Gregory Rawlings and had two children, but she died young, sometime before her father wrote his will in early 1718.