Early Rowlett Family History

by Russell J. Rowlett
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

About 20 years ago, I became interested in family history and worked out my own descent from the Peter Rowlett who lived in Virginia from about 1639 to 1701. Many Americans named Rowlett or Rowlette are descended from this same man. After many years, I returned to family history research and discovered the wonderful resources now available online. This site is based on these online resources, my own 20-year-old notes, and more recent notes shared by others, including my father's first cousin Frances Rowlett Perkins and my niece Kathryn Rowlett Kasinski.

The core of this site is An Annotated Rowlett Family Tree, now covering the first five generations in America with generation 6 under development. My hope is that this tree brings together the best available thinking on the relationships of the early Rowletts.

You'll also find here:

  1. Biography of Peter2 Rowlett (ca. 1639-1701)
  2. Biography of William3 Rowlett (ca. 1670-1735), son of Peter2 Rowlett (d. 1701)
  3. Biography of Peter3 Rowlett (ca. 1673-1750), son of Peter2 Rowlett (d. 1701)
  4. Biography of Mary3 Rowlett (ca. 1678-1746), daughter of Peter2 Rowlett (d. 1701)
  5. Will of John4A Rowlett (ca. 1708-1776) of Prince Edward County, son of Peter3 Rowlett (d. 1750)
  6. Will of Mackness Rowlett (ca. 1747-1813) of Prince Edward County, son of John4A Rowlett (d. 1776)
  7. Will of Peter5A Rowlett (1754-1822), grandson of Peter3 Rowlett (d. 1750)
  8. Rowlett Wills, miscellaneous wills and will abstracts; contributions are welcome!
  9. Obituary of Rev. James D. Rowlett (1811-1884), great grandson of Peter3 Rowlett (d. 1750)

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