Rowlett Family Tree / Generation 3

Notes by Russell J. Rowlett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Peter3 Rowlett: Child of Peter2; born about 1673; inherited his father's 160-acre farm near the mouth of Old Town Creek in southern Chesterfield County (then part of Henrico County); married twice: (1) about 1697, wife's name unknown, and (2) perhaps about 1710, Mary Ligon Anderson, widow of William Anderson and daughter of the late county surveyor William Ligon (d. 1689) and his wife Mary Tanner Ligon; granted 200 acres on Swift Creek in central Chesterfield in 1704; purchased 189 acres near his home plantation in 1709; granted 400 acres on the Appomattox River in southwestern Chesterfield in 1725; made his will 5 Jan 1750 and died in Chesterfield County before May 1750. See here for a more extended account.

Notes: John W. Pritchett has suggested that Peter's first wife was a daughter of Samuel Goode, son of John Goode of Whitby. This seems very unlikely to me, since the name Samuel is unknown among Peter's descendents.

Peter3 Rowlett and Mary Ligon are known to have been married by 1716, but there are good reasons to assume this marriage took place much earlier. See here for a discussion of this issue. Joseph4 Rowlett, who appears to be the oldest of the children mentioned in the will of Peter3 Rowlett, was certainly a son of Mary Ligon: she had a brother, an uncle, and a grandfather named Joseph.

Children of Peter3 Rowlett and his first wife are believed to include:

Mary4A Rowlett, born about 1698, possibly married William Stiles
Ann4A Rowlett, mentioned in the will of Peter2 Rowlett, no further information
John4A Rowlett, died 1777 in Chesterfield County VA
Thomas4A Rowlett, died 1781 in Chesterfield County VA

Notes: Mary4A and Ann4A are grandchildren mentioned in the will of Peter2. It is customary to assume they were children of Peter3, and this assumption fits the few records we have.

John4A and Thomas4A are not mentioned in the will of Peter3 Rowlett, but he conveyed a large amount of his property to them in 1741. It seems clear this was his way of settling with the children of his first marriage.

Children of Peter3 Rowlett and Mary Ligon include:

Joseph4A Rowlett, died 1774 in Chesterfield County VA
William4A Rowlett, died 1785 in Chesterfield County VA
Martha4A Rowlett, probably married Charles Cousins, Jr.
Sarah4A Rowlett, unmarried at the time of her father's will; no further information

William3 Rowlett: Child of Peter2; born about 1670 if he was the older of Peter's two sons and about 1676 if he was the younger (as nearly everyone assumes); possibly apprenticed as a teenager to John Sherman; inherited, in 1702, 200 acres at the mouth of the Great Branch of Old Town Creek; married, in 1703, Frances Worsham, daughter of former county sheriff John Worsham (d. 1729) and his wife Phoebe; patented, in 1730, 300 acres on Winterpock Creek in southwestern Chesterfield and 400 acres on Beaver Pond Branch in neighboring Amelia County (then part of Prince George County); made his will 5 Jul 1734 and died before 5 May 1735. See here for a more extended account.

The known or suspected children of William3 Rowlett and Frances Worsham are:

William4B Rowlett, died 1760 in Chesterfield County VA
John4B Rowlett, died 1776 in Prince Edward County VA
Peter4B Rowlett, died 1754 in Lunenburg County VA
Frances4B Rowlett, probably married John Pride, Jr., who moved to Amelia County
Daniel4B Rowlett, died before 1734 in Chesterfield County VA

Notes: William3 listed no daughters in his will, but a reference to "all my children" suggests he may have been survived by daughters as well as sons. John Pride, Jr., and his wife Frances had a son named Rowlett Pride; it seems very likely she was a daughter of William3. Genealogists of the Stiles family have claimed that William3 had a daughter Mary Rowlett or Mary Traylor Rowlett who married William Stiles. In fact, it was Mary4A Rowlett, daughter of William3's brother Peter3 Rowlett, who probably married William Stiles.

Daniel4B is known only from a record of his birth and baptism in the Bristol Parish register.

Mary3 Rowlett: Child of Peter2; born about 1678; married (1) perhaps as early as 1696, Henry Wilson, who owned a farm adjacent to that of Peter2 and Peter3; had at least 9 children including one born after Henry's death in 1721; married (2) Thomas Frost; made her will 12 Aug 1746 and died before Oct 1746. See here for a more extended account.

Note: Several sources, including John W. Pritchett's influential web site, claim that Mary3 Rowlett married Francis Coleman. The Bristol Parish Register lists the births of several childen of Francis and Mary Coleman between 1721 and 1733. It is extremely unlikely that this Mary Coleman was Mary3 Rowlett; Mary3 Rowlett would have been in her fifties by 1733 under any reasonable calculation.

Children of Mary3 Rowlett and Henry Wilson:

William Wilson, died in Chesterfield County in 1777
Henry Wilson, probably the Henry Wilson who died in Brunswick County in 1775
Mary Wilson, married a Farlow
Richard Wilson, moved to Amelia County; died 1767
Anne Wilson, probably married Robert Whitehall
Thomas Wilson, possibly the Thomas Wilson of early Brunswick County records
George Wilson
Martha Wilson
Stephen Wilson, born 1721

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