Rowlett Family Tree / Generation 4

Notes by Russell J. Rowlett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

These notes are copyrighted. I give permission for anyone to make copies as long as the copies are for personal research, nothing is charged to anyone by anyone for the copies, and the copyright notice is not removed from the copies. All other rights reserved.

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Mary4A Rowlett: Child of Peter3 and his first (unknown) wife; born about 1698 in Chesterfield (then Henrico) County VA; possibly married William Stiles about 1716. She died sometime after 1744.

Notes: William Stiles died in 1744, leaving no will. In Dec 1744 his widow Mary was granted administration of the estate. The appraisal was carried out 2 Jan 1744/5 by Mary4A's brothers John4A and Thomas4A Rowlett and by John Gibbs (probably Thomas's brother-in-law). Thus it seems possible William Stiles was married to the sister of John4A and Thomas4A Rowlett. Genealogists of the Stiles family have claimed that William Stiles married a Mary Rowlett or Mary Traylor Rowlett who was a daughter of William3 Rowlett and Frances Worsham. Very simply, this seems to be a mistake.

However, an equally good case might be made that Mary4A married William Totty. His will, dated 21 Oct 1758 in Chesterfield County, names his wife Mary and sons John, William, Abner, Francis, and Thomas. The inventory was made 8 Oct 1759 by John4A and Thomas4A Rowlett with John Ferguson. The Bristol Parish Register reports the birth of William Totty (15 Mar 1727) and Thomas Totty (5 Apr 1730) to William and Mary Totty.

John4A Rowlett: Child of Peter3 and his first (unknown) wife; born around 1705; married Phoebe Wilson, daughter of George Wilson; received from his father in 1741 the 400 acres Peter patented in 1725, a plantation he called Wintopock; died before April 1777.

Notes: There were two John Rowletts in Chesterfield in the mid 1700s. This one identified himself as the son of Peter3 by appointing his "brother Thomas Rowlett" as his executor.

Children of John4A Rowlett and Phoebe Wilson:

John5A Rowlett, died 1817 in Chesterfield County VA
Frances5A Rowlett
, married James Gill
George5A Rowlett
, died 1809 in Amelia County VA
Phoebe5A Rowlett
, married Daniel Patram (her second cousin)
William5A Rowlett
, died 1821 in Chesterfield County VA
Elizabeth5A (Betty) Rowlett
, married a Jackson
Mary5A Rowlett
, thought to have married Edward Webster

Thomas4A Rowlett: Child of Peter3 and his first (unknown) wife; married (1) probably Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Robert Thompson Sr. (died 1751) and (2) probably a daughter of John Gibbs (died 1773); received the 200 acres his father patented on Swift Creek; died in Chesterfield before February 1781.

Notes: A 1777 deed in Amelia County mentions land received by William and Thomas Rowlett under the will of Robert Thompson, Elizabeth's father. Also, Thomas's son William Rowlett named a son Thompson Rowlett. John Gibbs mentions son-in-law Thomas Rowlett in his will.

Children of Thomas4A Rowlett and (probably) Elizabeth Thompson:

Ann5B Rowlett, married George Cousins
Elizabeth5B Rowlett, married a Gill
Mary5B Rowlett
, married George Traylor
William5B Rowlett, married his first cousin Mary5D Rowlett and died in Mecklenburg County VA in 1837

Joseph4A Rowlett: Child of Peter3 and his second wife Mary Ligon; born about 1710; married Frances Worsham, daughter of William Worsham and his wife Rosamond Webster and a niece of Frances Worsham, wife of William3 Rowlett; bought 116 acres and 125 acres on Swift Creek in 1764 and 1767, respectively, and 100 acres on Old Town Creek in 1767; made his will 9 Oct 1773 and died before 1 Apr 1774.

Children of Joseph1 Rowlett and Frances Worsham:

John5C Rowlett, died 1818 in Chesterfield County VA
Mary5C Rowlett
, married Thomas Covington
William5C Rowlett, died 1815 in Chesterfield County VA
Frances5C Rowlett, married Edward Eanes
Thomas5C Rowlett
, died 1802 in Chesterfield County VA
Martha5C Rowlett, married William Clark

William4A Rowlett: Child of Peter3 and his second wife Mary Ligon; born perhaps around 1715; married twice, his first wife's name not known; married (2) by 1764, Sarah Neal Archer, widow of George Archer; inherited his father's home plantation on Old Town Creek; died in Chesterfield County in 1785.

Note: There were two William Rowletts in Chesterfield in the mid 1700s, and it is not easy to tell which was which. However, William the son of Peter3 inherited land in the southeast corner of the county near the modern Colonial Heights and William the son of William3 inherited land in the southwest corner near Winterpock. Peter5E, the only son of the William who died in 1760, subsequently owned large tracts in the Winterpock area. Therefore, this one, the one who died in 1785, must be the son of Peter3 and the other one, the father of Peter5E, must be the son of William3.

Children of William4A Rowlett:

William5D Rowlett, unmarried, died 1811 in Chesterfield County VA
Thomas5D Rowlett
, unmarried, died 1808 in Mecklenburg County VA
Mary5D Rowlett, married her first cousin William5B Rowlett

Note: The will of Thomas5D lists a sister Martha, which has led many sources to conclude that William4B also had a daughter named Martha, However, Thomas was probably naming his stepsister Martha Archer, Sarah's daughter by her first husband.

Martha4A Rowlett: Child of Peter3 and his second wife Mary Ligon; perhaps born between 1710 and 1715; probably married Charles Cousins, Jr., and moved with him to Amelia County; mentioned as Martha Cousins in her father's will in 1750; widowed in 1759.

Children of Charles Cousins, Jr., and Martha4A Rowlett:

Thomas Cousins
Martha Cousins
Mary Cousins
William Cousins
Ann Cousins
Phoebe Cousins
Frances Cousins

Notes: It's not easy to figure out which Rowlett girl married which Cousins brother, and we can't be certain we have it right. Being the oldest bride, it seems likely Martha married the oldest brother Charles, and the names of their children support that idea. George Cousins, younger brother of Charles, is thought to have married Ann5B Rowlett. Robert Cousins, another brother, died in 1769 leaving children whose names are also suggestive of a connection to the Rowletts. None of the brothers mentions his wife's name in his will.

William4B Rowlett: Child of William3 Rowlett and Frances Worsham; perhaps born about 1705; inherited his father's home plantation on Winterpock Creek, and a tract in Amelia County (which he sold in 1738); married twice, his first wife's name not known; married (2) about 1755, Mary Clark Cooke, widow of William Cooke (d. 1754) and daughter of Allison Clark; died in 1760 leaving no will.

Note: William had a second tithable in his household in 1747 and 1756, so it is possible he had a son by an earlier marriage. If so, the son may have died before 1760, since Mary was granted sole administration of the estate. John W. Pritchett has suggested that Frances4B Rowlett (see below) was actually a daughter of William4B Rowlett; this seems doubtful to me.

Only child of William3 Rowlett and his (unknown) first wife:

Peter5E Rowlett, born 1754, died 1822 in Chesterfield County VA

Notes: It has always been assumed that Peter was the son of William4B and Mary Clark. However, Peter's tombstone says he was 68 when he died in 1822, placing his birth in 1754. Mary was still Mary Cooke when she presented her husband's inventory on March 1, 1755.

Mary had four children by her first marriage, named in her will as daughters Hannah Hunt and Mary Bowman and sons Joseph and William Cooke. Mary died in 1778.

John4B Rowlett: Child of William3 Rowlett and Frances Worsham; born perhaps around 1708; inherited part of his father's land in Winterpock and the 200 acres he owned on Old Town Creek; moved to Prince Edward County between 1736 and 1747, where he farmed on Mountain Creek in the southern part of the county; possibly married a daughter of the Goode family; died in Prince Edward between October and December 1776. Here is a copy of his will.

Notes: There is no documentary record proving that the John Rowlett who died in Prince Edward County in 1776 was the son of William3 Rowlett of Chesterfield County. However, John4B is the only known candidate for emigration to Prince Edward.

The 1747 tithable list for Chesterfield County shows only one John Rowlett, presumably John4A, so John4B must have been in Prince Edward by that time. There is no surviving record of his initial land purchase there.

I know of no documentation establishing that John4B Rowlett's wife's name was Elizabeth, as listed in many family trees. I believe the idea that her name was "A. Goode" or "Elizabeth A. Goode" comes from Garland Rowlett's chart of the Rowlett family, which has the notation "Wife A Goode?" under John's name. Garland used capital letters throughout the chart.

Children of John4B Rowlett:

John5F Rowlett, married Edith Jackson and died in 1799 in Prince Edward County VA
Prudence5F Rowlett, married Archelaus Dickenson and moved with him to Washington County VA
Mary5F Rowlett, no further information
William5F Rowlett, married Ann Hatchett and died in 1825 in Charlotte County VA
Mackerness5F Rowlett, a tavern keeper in 1797, died 1813 in Prince Edward County VA

Note: In Virginia genealogy the unusual given name "Mackerness" or "Mackness" is a tracer for descendants of John Goode (1632-1709) and his first wife Martha Mackerness. This leads to speculation that John married a daughter of John's son Samuel Goode I (ca. 1660-1735), perhaps one of the three daughters (Margaret, Frances, and Martha) apparently unmarried at the time of Samuel's death. Another possibility is that he married a daughter of Samuel Goode II (ca. 1710-1797), perhaps as a second wife. There is no other evidence supporting either of these iddeas.

4.3. Peter4B Rowlett: Child of William3 Rowlett and Frances Worsham; born perhaps around 1711; inherited land on Beaver Pond Branch in Amelia County (then Prince George County) from his father in 1735; appears on the 1737 tithable list for Amelia County; moved to Lunenburg County betwen 1747 and 1750; married probably Elizabeth Jones; made his will 11 Jan 1754 and died before 7 May 1754.

Known children of Peter4B Rowlett:

William5G Rowlett, died 1817 in Halifax County VA
Philip5G Rowlett, moved to Hart County KY
John5G Rowlett, died 1813 in Lunenburg County VA

Notes: In his will, Peter4B makes bequests to his wife Elizabeth and to his "five children," but among the children only the three sons are named. His wife's maiden name is believed to be Jones, since Philip Jones witnessed the will and Philip is a given name previously unknown in the family. Pritchett believes one of the daughters was the Frances Rowlett living in Prince Edward County in 1762. The other daughter was probably the Martha Rowlett who was the first wife of William Wills Green, who died in 1826 in Mecklenburg County.

Frances4B Rowlett: Probable child of William3 Rowlett and Frances Worsham; born perhaps around 1717; apparently married, perhaps around 1737, John Pride, Jr., who had received 220 acres on Swift Creek in 1733; moved with him to Amelia County by 1746; mentioned in her husband's 1773 will and lived at least until 1785.

Children of John Pride, Jr., and Frances Rowlett Pride:

John Pride III, Clerk of Court for Amelia in the years before the Revolution, member of the House of Delegates (1778-82, 1786-87) and the Virginia Senate (1787-93), died 1794
Rowlett Pride, married Elizabeth Collion Anderson and died in Amelia County 1780
William Pride, Sr., a farmer and miller in Amelia
Francis Pride, a tavernkeeper who died in 1776
Mary Pride, married Edmund Booker III in 1781
Martha Pride
Susanna Pride
, married John Booker in 1764

Anne Wilson: Child of Mary3 and Henry Wilson; perhaps born between 1710 and 1715; married Robert Whitehall.

Known children of Anne Wilson and Robert Whitehall:

Thomas Whitehall, born 17 Dec 1738
Amy Whitehall, born 7 Jun 1742

Notes: The birth of these childen is recorded in the Bristol Parish Register. In November 1733 the vestry of Bristol Parish appointed Robert Whitehall clerk of Sappony Chapel in what is now Brunswick County. In September 1742 the parish was divided and Sappony Chapel became part of St. Andrew Parish.

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