Will of Peter Rowlett (1754-1822) of Chesterfield County, VA

Notes by Russell J. Rowlett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Slightly abridged from Chesterfield County Will Book 9, p. 645.

I Peter Rowlett of the county of Chesterfield being weak in body but of sound mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament (that is to say)--

1st Place, I give to my beloved wife Sally during life the plantation on which I live and the following property, Ginn, Ellick, Dick, Moses, Henry, old Sally, Yellow Sally, Molly, Nancy and little Rachel, three choice work horses, all my stock of cattle, hogs and sheep, my household and kitchen furniture, one cart, and gig and harness.

2nd place, I give to James my youngest son the sum of Five hundred dollars, as a portion equal to that already advanced to my other children, to be paid in property or money by my executors hereafter named as they may think proper and further the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars for the purpose of giving him his education also one horse bridle and saddle of the value of one hundred and twenty dollars and one bed, bedstead and furniture.

3rd place, I give to my daughter Catherine five hundred dollars to be paid in property or money as my executors shall deem most advisable, that sum being equal to what I have already advanced to my other children, also one bed, bedstead and furniture.

4th place, I do hereby direct my tract of land, known by the name of the Garrott tract to be sold upon a credit of one, two and three years, and also the plantation on which I live after the death of my wife, to be sold upon the credits of one, two and three years.

5th Place, As to all the rest of my estate of whatsoever nature, I direct to be equally divided among my children, and my wish is that Thomas Cheatham my son-in-law should share equally with my children.

6th Place, My will and desire is especially declared that the slaves and the future increase of the female slaves and personal estate devised for the benefit of my daughters Hannah and Phoebe shall rest absolutely in my executors to hold as trustees, and that the said trustees their heirs representatives and assigns shall apply the profits of said propertyt to the separate use and benefit of my said daughters during their lives and upon the death of each daughter that the said share of each daughter of my estate shall be equally divided between my grandchildren, that is to say the children of the said daughters Hannah and Phoebe. The trustees are to hire out negroes and put the money out at interest on good security and the annual hires and interest to be paid to each daughter aforesaid and the receipt of each daughter shall be good discharge.

Whereas I gave to my daughter Hannah Stringer a negro woman named Catt and loaned to her husband James Stringer 349 dollars as per his note payable in six months from 28 June 1821 and took a deed of trust on Catt, it is my will and desire if James Stringer will agree to it after my death that my executors release the debt of 349 dollars and interest on securing a good title and possession of Catt and her increase, etc.

Whereas I gave to my daughter Phoebe a certain boy named Solomon and loaned to her husband LeRoy Hall 300 dollars, etc. [similar provisions]

It is my wish and I do hereby appoint my son John Rowlett and Edward Anderson my executors, to this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affirmed my seal this 31st day of July 1821.

wit.: Wm Blankenship
John Parr
Lucy Denton [Peter's daughter]

Probate granted 12 Nov 1822

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