Rowlett Wills

This page includes wills and abstracts of wills of early members of the Rowlett family. Contributions are welcome!

Abstract of the Will of Peter4 Rowlett (d. 1754) of Lunenburg County VA

Lunenburg County Will Book 1

Page 131. Will. I, Peter Rowlett of Lunenburg County, being sick & weak -
To my sons, William, Philip, & John - all my lands, to be equally divided among them, and if any of them dies under age 21, his part to descend to the survivors.
To my son William - my 2 Negroes called Mille and America, with their increase, on condition of my said son paying to each of my daughters, 15 £ when they come to age or on the day of marriage, whichever first happens.
After my wife's third part is deducted, the rest of my estate shall be equally divided among my 5 children.
Executors - my friends McKerness Goode and Philip Jones.
Signed Jan 11, 1754 - Peter Rowlett (X his mark).
Witnesses - Peter Johnson, John Elam, Wm Baugh.

At May 7, 1754 Court, the will of Peter Rowlet, deceased, was exhibited by Mackerness Goode and Philip Jones, the executors, and the same was proved by the oath of John Ealum, one of the witnesses, and ordered to be recorded. Said executors then relinquished execution (here in Court). Therefore, on the motion of Elizabeth Rowlet, relict of the said Peter Rowlet, certificate was granted her for obtaining letters of administration of the estate of the deceased, whereupon she, together with George Walton, her security, entered into bond.

Abstract of the Will of Joseph1 Rowlett (d. 1774) of Chesterfield County VA

Chesterfield County Will Book 2

Page 335. Will dated 9 Oct 1773.
To wife Frances, use of plantation I live on and negroes for life and then to divide negroes among all my children.
To son John, tract purchased of Benjamin Ratliff, on north side of Swift Creek.
To son William, land purchased of Francis Perkinson, on north side of Old Town Creek.
To son Thomas, tract I live on at death of his mother.
To my three daughters Mary, Frances and Martha, a tract called "Browders", equally, when Martha is of age or married.
All rest of estate, and an individual moiety left me by William Worsham, to be equally divided among all my children as they come of age or marry.
Executors - Thomas Rowlett, Parker Hare, George Robertson
Witnesses - Parker Hare, George Robertson, Edward Dance

Page 337. Inventory of Joseph Rowlett 20 Dec 1774 by Parker Hare and George Robertson; no value given.

Source: Benjamin B. Weisiger, Chesterfield County, Virginia, Wills 1749-1774, privately published (1979), pp. 107-108.