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Dominica is an independent island nation located in the central part of the Lesser Antilles, the curving chain of islands at the eastern end of the Caribbean Sea. It is not so well known as its two French neighbors, Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south. The island has an area of about 750 km2 (290 mi2) and a population of about 75,000. Although settled initially by France, Dominica became a British colony in 1763. It has been independent since 1978. English is the official language, but French is also spoken.

Most of the lighthouses of the Lesser Antilles are poorly known, so information about them would be welcome, and photos are especially welcome.

Admiralty numbers are from volume J of the Admiralty List of Lights & Fog Signals. U.S. NGA List numbers are from Publication 110.

General Sources
Online List of Lights - Dominica
Photos by various photographers posted by Alexander Trabas.
World of Lighthouses - Dominica
Photos by various photographers available from
Scott's Head Light
Scott's Head Light, Scott's Head, August 2010
Wikimedia Creative Commons photo by Postdif
* [Scott's Head]
Date unknown. Active; focal plane unlisted; quick-flashing white light. Approx. 5 m (17 ft) post. Wikimedia has a 2010 photo (a small portion is shown above), and Trabas has a distant view by Capt. Theo Hinrichs, but the post is not seen in Google's satellite view. Scott's Head is actually a tombolo: a small island attached to the southern tip of Dominica by a gravel bar; Wikimedia has a view across the bar. Located atop the promontory; accessible by a trail crossing the bar from the nearby village also called Scott's Head. Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: unknown. Admiralty J5770; NGA 14929.
Date unknown. Active; focal plane unlisted; two continuous red lights, one above the other. Approx. 30 m (98 ft) triangular skeletal communications tower. Trabas has a distant view by Capt. Theo Hinrichs, and Google has an indistinct satellite view. Located on a prominent cape on the northwestern coast of Dominica, just north of Salisbury. Site status unknown. Owner/site manager: unknown. Admiralty J5760.4; NGA 14926.

Information available on lost lighthouses:

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