Benguela and Sumbe Area Lighthouses, Angola

In late 2011 and early 2012, José da Palma visited all the known lighthouse stations in the Benguela area of Angola. Photos of most of these lighthouses are available in the Online List of Lights of Alexander Trabas. Most of these photos were not eligible for that collection. In the first row on the left is the active light at Baía Farta, west of Benguela. In the center is the original light at the Ponta do Sombreiro, the western entrance to the Baía de Benguela. This photo shows us why the location is called "Sombrero Point." On the right we see the new Sumbe Light and the remains of its predecessor, which was called the Novo Redondo Light. In the second row is the abandoned lighthouse of Ponta dos Frades in the far southwest of Benguela Province.

Baía Farta Light
Baía Farta Light, January 2012
Old Ponta do Sombreiro Light
Old Ponta do Sombreiro Light, January 2012
New and Old Sumbe Lights
New and Old Sumbe (Novo Redondo) Lights, January 2012
Ponta dos Frades Light
Ponta dos Frades Light, January 2012

Photos copyright José da Palma; used by permission

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