Eilean-a-Chait Light, Highlands, Scotland

Thanks to Jon Royle for these fine photos of the Eilean-a-Chait lighthouse on the west coast of Scotland.

The photo at the right shows the lighthouse, located on a small island in the entrance to Loch Carron in the Scottish Highlands, near Plockton. The simple masonry tower has a small lean-to cottage. The keeper was expected to live in these modest quarters, but there wasn't room for his family. So there was a second house on the neighboring island of Eilean-an-Duine occupied by the keeper's wife. The beautiful view below is from the heights of Eilean-an-Duine, with the roof of the wife's house below. At low tide, it's possible to wade from one island to the other, and when the tide is unusually low it is possible to walk across from Eilean-an-Duine to Eilean-a-Chait.

The lighthouse was deactivated sometimes in the 1920s, and the building on both islands have been in private hands since that time. A family lives in the house on Eilean-an-Duine, but the lighthouse is closed and unoccupied. The owners seem to have kept the building reasonably secure, although Jon reports there has been some vandalism in the past. Perhaps someday a historic preservation trust will be able to acquire the lighthouse and restore it to its original appearance.

Photos copyright 2005 Jon Royle; all rights reserved. Used by permission.

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