Garvellachs (Isles of the Sea) Light, Scotland

Thanks to Allan Bowes for this closeup photo of the current Garvellachs Light in the lower Firth of Lorne, Scotland. The Garvellachs, or Isles of the Sea, are a chain of rocky islands stretching northeast to southwest. The lighthouse is at the southwestern end of the island chain on an island called Eileach an Naoimh, the Isle of the Saints, famous as the site of a sixth century monastery founded by St. Brendan. A small masonry lighthouse was built here in 1904. In recent years, the Northern Lighthouse Board has been replacing its small, acetylene-powered lighthouse with modern solar-powered light towers like this one. The tower is a metal framework structure with lightweight panels added to the sides to provide a daymark.

photo copyright 2005 Allan Bowes; used by permission

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