Historic Lighthouses of Little Cumbrae, Scotland

Thanks to Neil Robertson for these photos of the two historic lighthouses of Little Cumbrae, an island in the Firth of Clyde in North Ayrshire, Scotland. The older tower (left) was built in 1757 at the highest point of the island, 123 m (404 ft) above the sea. There was no lens; an open fire was built on the top of the tower to guide sailors. This is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses of Scotland. In 1793, the open fire was replaced by the proper lighthouse at right, designed by Thomas Smith and constructed by Robert Stevenson, senior, the founder of the famous Stevenson family of Scottish lighthouse engineers. The 1793 lighthouse is located on a bluff on the west side of the island. The 1793 lighthouse remained in service until it was replaced by a modern fiberglass tower in 1997.

1757 lighthouse
1757 Little Cumbrae Light

1793 lighthouse
1793 Little Cumbrae Light

Photos copyright Neil Robertson; used by permission.

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