Eastern Georgian Bay Lighthouses, Ontario

Thanks to Ron Walker, of the Canadian Coast Guard at Parry Sound, Ontario, for sharing Canadian Coast Guard photos of these rarely-seen lighthouses on the east side of the Georgian Bay.

Western Islands

This 50-foot frame tower has been perched precariously on a rock south of Parry Sound since 1895. Landing on the island is dangerous, and maintaining the tower is a major and never-ending problem for the navigational aids team. The photo below shows some of the deterioration inside the tower.

Jones Island Range

These range lights are located inside Parry Sound. They were built in 1894, so like the Western Islands Light they are frame towers maintained in rugged weather for more than a century. The front range light is pictured below. The rear range light, at right, is mounted on the old keeper's quarters. Both lights were painted recently. Instead of the traditional vertical range stripes, the entire front faces of the towers were painted red. The lanterns and gallerys, usually red on Canadian lighthouses, were painted white this time.

Cape Robert Lantern

Cape Robert is on the north side of Manitoulin Island northwest of Georgian Bay. The lighthouse there, built in 1885, was a square pyramidal frame tower attached in the Canadian version of schoolhouse-style to the front of a 1-story frame keeper's quarters. Sometime in the 1950s this lighthouse was demolished and replaced with a skeletal tower. However, Coast Guard crews saved the lantern and brought it to their base at Parry Sound, where it is now mounted atop a guardhouse. The lantern is painted the traditional red and has its original ventilator, but no lens.

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