Manitoba Lighthouses

Thanks to Ron Walker, of the Canadian Coast Guard at Parry Sound, Ontario, for sharing these rare images of Manitoba lighthouses. For more, see our page on the Warren Landing Lights.

Cox Reef

Built in 1905, this integral lighthouse was located east of Berens Island in Lake Winnipeg. It was replaced long ago by a skeletal tower.

Cox Reef Light

George Island

The 1906 George Island lighthouse, in northern Lake Winnipeg, is still active (there's a recent photo on the main Manitoba page). This photo shows the complete light station with all its buildings prior to automation.

George Island Light

Red River Range Front

This "little lighthouse on the prairie" stood at the mouth of the Red River, at the southern end of Lake Winnipeg. It's not there any more, but it survives. Replaced by a modern light in 1992, it was relocated to the Maritime Museum of Manitoba in Selkirk., where it still shines its light on the Red River.

Red River Front Light

Red River Range Rear

The rear light of the Red River range, a square skeletal tower with a frame lantern and watch room, was demolished after its deactivation in 1992. This is a common design for Canadian lighthouses: other examples include the George Island and Gull Harbour Lights in Manitoba and the rear lights of the Brebeuf Island and Pointe Baril ranges on the Georgian Bay in Ontario.

Red River Rear Light

All photos from the files of the Canadian Coast Guard, courtesy of Ron Walker; not for commerical use.

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