Curaçao Lights

The island of Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles off the coast of South America, does not have lighthouses in the traditional form, but it does have several historic light stations. This page presents several photos of the modern lights at these stations. Joost Keesing, a visitor to the island, contributed several of these photos. Willy Maal, a resident who owns the land surrounding the Punt Kanon (Oostpunt) Light, also sent photos and has provided additional information.

This is the recently renovated light at Noordpunt, the northwestern end of Curaçao. The photo was taken after a ceremony in late May 2002 rededicating the light. The light is high on a bluff overlooking the Caribbean; the focal plane is 138 ft.

Noordpunt Light
Noordpunt Light, May 2002
photo copyright Willy Maal; used by permission.
Punt Kanon Light
Punt Kanon Light, 2002
photo copyright Joost Keesing; used by permission.

This is the Punt Kanon Light, located at the southeastern extremity of the island, also known as Oostpunt. The tower appears to be about 40 ft high. The former light at this location was mounted on a shorter square frame pyramidal tower that had an enclosed workroom at the base. The light station is located on a large ranch owned by Willy Maal; this land is strictly private property with restricted access. The light is visible from the water.


This tower is the Bullenbaai Light, located on the west side of the island about 8 miles north of Willemstad, the capital. It appears to be of frame construction and is also about 40 ft high. This light is also on private property, but it may be possible to get a distant view from beach locations nearby.

Bullenbaai Light
Bullenbaai Light, 2002
photo copyright Joost Keesing; used by permission.

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