Faro Morro Santiago de Cuba

Thanks to Tom Pohrt for contributing these photos.

These two photos show the historic lighthouse of Morro Santiago de Cuba, located on a headland east of the harbor entrance. Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city of the island, is an important seaport on the southeast coast about 50 miles west of the U.S. base at Guantánamo.

In the original of the photo at left, the gold inscription on the tower reads "Morro Stgo de Cuba 18 Nov 1842." This would make the lighthouse one of the oldest in Cuba, if not the oldest. The tower is listed at 43 feet, but this doesn't appear to include the lantern; the overall height must be about 60 feet. The lighthouse displays two white flashes every 10 seconds at a focal plane of 269 feet, so the bluff shown at right must be about 200 feet high.


Photos copyright 2003 Tom Pohrt. Used by permission.

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