Faro Cayo Caimán Grande de Santa Maria, Cuba

Thanks to David Allester for these photos of the Faro Cayo Caimán Grande de Santa Maria in Sancti Spiritus province, Cuba. David and his wife Eileen Quinn took this photo while they were cruising the north coast of Cuba in May 2004.

Faro de Caimán Grande

Built in 1955, the cast iron tower is 32 m (105 ft) tall. It replaced a cast iron skeletal tower built in 1909, and probably has the same lantern. As of 2004, the original first-order Fresnel lens remained in use.

Caimán Grande Lens

The island is Cuban Navy outpost, closed to visitors. There is a barracks and observation tower at the other end of the cay from the lighthouse.

Cayo Caimán Grande

Photos copyright 2004 David Allester; used by permission

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