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The Lighthouse Directory is a tool for research and study concerning lighthouses and efforts to preserve those lighthouses. The Directory provides a brief compilation of basic data for each one of more than 16,000 lighthouses with links to other reliable information available on the Internet.

The Picture of the Day is selected from several thousand photos that illustrate the Lighthouse Directory. Our picture for today is a photo of the Sanganeb Reef lighthouse in Sudan.

Sanganeb Reef Light, Red Sea, December 2007
Flickr Creative Commons photo by Clifton Beard

Sanganeb Reef is a dangerous shoal on the west side of the Red Sea, off the coast of Sudan. This 50 m (165 ft) lighthouse is one of the largest waveswept lighthouses in the world. It was built by British engineers while Sudan was a British colony. The lighthouse is permanently staffed by the Sudanese military as an assertion of Sudanese sovereignty over the reefs. Sanganeb Reef is considered one of the best scuba diving sites in the world, and no expedition to the reef is complete without climbing the lighthouse.

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