Peche Island Range Lights, Michigan

Thanks to Noah Greenia for these photos of the Peche Island Range Lights on Lake St. Clair near Detroit, Michigan.

Peche Island Front Light
Above: Peche Island Range Front Light
Right: Peche Island Range Rear Light
Photos copyright Noah Greenia; used by permission.
Peche Island Rear Light

The Peche Island Range guides vessels crossing Lake St. Clair as they approach the upper end of the Detroit River off Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The range was established in 1908. Originally, the front range light was on a square steel tower. The rear light was on a round cast iron tower. It's not known when the front lighthouse was demolished. The rear lighthouse survived until 1983, when it was relocated to a park in Marine City, on the St. Clair River. Prior to the relocation, the crib had failed, leaving the lighthouse leaning at a crazy angle.

The modern lighthouses are skeletal towers mounted on round concrete base.

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