Taolagnaro Range Lights, Madagascar

Thanks to Ad. Hovestadt for these photos of the range lighthouses at Taolagnaro, on the southeastern coast of Madagascar. The photos were taken in October 2007. Taolagnaro was called Fort Dauphin under French rule; the former French fort is now called Fort Flacourt.

Entrance Range Front Light

Entrance Range Rear Light

Second Range Front Light

Second Range Rear Light

Second Range (Fort Flacourt) Range Lights
A ll photos copyright 2007 Ad. Hovestadt; used by permission

Here is part of Mr. Hovestadt's report of his visit:

Toalagnaro Entrance Range Front is located right on the beach, more or less to the west of Fort Flacourt, in downtown Fort Dauphin, the site is open and the tower is closed. This tower is a copy of the Toalagnaro Entrance Range Rear, which is located on a small hill, some 240 meters to the southwest of the front light. This site is also open. The last two lights were not working when I visited Fort Dauphin.

The photo ‘Fort Flacourt’ [lower photo above] shows the two lights, the upper is actually in Fort Flacourt, a military area and out of bounds for tourists. Fort Flacourt [Second Range] rear is taken with a 300 mm lens from the southeast. Fort Flacourt front shows the lower light, it has a black vertical stripe on the northern side. This picture is a cut-out from a telephoto (300mm lens).

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