Lighthouses of Perú

These photos, selected to show a range of common Peruvian lighthouse designs, were taken from the web site of Perú's aids-to-navigation agency, the Dirección de Hidrografía y Navegación (DHN), in 2003. The photos appeared as thumbnails displayed by Javascript. I discovered that some, but not all, of these thumbnails were reduced from full-size images like the ones seen here. (Sadly, the photos seem to have been removed from the site, so I'm pleased to have captured these 18.)

Faro Isla Foca

Faro Máncora

Faro Punta Pariñas

Faro Punta Thomas

Faro Punta Huacho

Faro Islote Huaquillo

Faro Isla Lobos de Tierra

Faro Morro Carretas

Faro La Marina

Faro Punta Chala

Faro Punta San Nicolás

Faro Punta Coles

Faro Morro Eten

Faro Isla Palominos

Faro Infiernillos

Faro Punta Atico

Faro Pijuayal
(Río Amazonas)

Faro Cabeza de Largato

All photos from the web site of the Direccion de Hidrografía y Navegación (DHN) of Perú; commercial rights reserved by the government of Perú.

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