Pulau Bojo Light, Indonesia

Thanks to Dietrich Lange for these rare photos of the Pulau Bojo Light in Indonesia. Pulau Bojo is an island about 200 km (125 mi) west northwest of the port of Padang in western Sumatra. Mr. Lange visited the island in October 2008. He writes this about his observations:

The lighthouse on Pulau Bojo is not easy to reach; you need your own ship and a landing boat. After landing on the east side of the island you have to walk 3 kilometers through well-preserved primary jungle to reach to the lighthouse, which is located on the south side of the island. There are three people living in the houses around the lighthouse; they also maintain the light. If you manage to come to the island, they are happy to show you around, and you can also climb the tower. We were the first visitors in several years at the light house. In total there are only about 10 people living on this beautiful but very remote island.

The cast iron lighthouse is 60 meters (197 ft) tall. It is one of a dozen or more great cast iron towers built by the Dutch in what was then the Dutch East Indies. All but a few of these magnificent lighthouses are in remote locations where they are very seldom seen or photographed.

Pulau Bojo LIght
Pulau Bojo Light
Pulau Bojo Light

Photos copyright Dietrich Lange; used by permission

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