Bazaruto Light, Mozambique

Bazaruto Island lies parallel to the coast of southeastern Mozambique. Silva Pais writes that the northern tip of the island is "a dominant landmark that needed to be illuminated for the safety of shipping between the port of Beira and the southern ports." Accordingly it was made the site of a major lighthouse, a 26 m (85 ft) stone tower with a focal plane of 116 m (381 ft), completed in 1913. The large lantern held -- and apparently still holds -- a hyperradiant Fresnel lens, one of only a dozen or so of these great lenses ever built.

Silva Pais doesn't mention an earlier light that as maintained at this location between 1894 and 1900, according to older light lists.

Today Bazaruto is a popular destination for ecotourism, and the light station is accessible by a hiking trail from nearby resorts.

photo from Silva Pais pamphlet


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