Lost Beira Lighthouses, Mozambique

Silva Pais doesn't mention these two lighthouses at Beira, the principal seaport of central Mozambique; probably he considered them to be harbor lights not properly part of his description of how the coast was being lit. We believe the lighthouse on the left is the Point Jea light. Built in 1893 on the east side of the river entrance, it doubled as lighthouse and weather station, and it looks as if it might have included the harbormaster's office as well. By 1920 it was no longer listed on international light lists.

On the right, probably, is the Chiveve Point light, built in 1895. Located on the northwest side of town near the railway wharf, the lighthouse had a focal plane of 20 meters (65 ft) and was still in service in 1920, although it seems to have been discontinued not too long after that.

postcard image from the collection of Michel Forand

postcard image from the collection of Michel Forand


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