Inhaca Light, Mozambique

Inhaca is the southernmost of Mozambique's major lighthouses, and the light station is one of the country's oldest. It was established in 1894 at the northern end of the island of Inhaca, which shelters the Bay of Maputo. Its purpose was to guide ships to the colony's most important seaport, then called Lourenço Marques but now returned to its African name Maputo.

Unfortunately, the Silva Pais pamphlet leaves the history of the station somewhat uncertain. The original lighthouse was a 27.5 meter (90 ft) cast iron tower, and light lists continued to describe that light as late as 1920. But that's not what we see below, so at some time in the 1920s, probably in 1926, the present hexagonal concrete block tower was built. We do not know why Silva Pais did not mention such a major lighthouse improvement project.

The 31 meter (102 ft) tower remains in service and is often visited by tourists from the the island's several resorts.

photo from the Silva Pais pamphlet


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