Lighthouses of Canada: Saskatchewan and Alberta

Canada's prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta have no officially maintained lighthouses. They do have many lakes and reservoirs and a small number of privately built lighthouses. Even though they are unofficial, the Directory lists these lighthouses if they stand beside navigable water, have some plausible navigational value, and are active during the local boating season.

Saskatchewan Lighthouse
** Cochin
1989. Active (privately maintained); focal plane about 48 m (155 ft); flashing white light. 11.5 m (38 ft) hexagonal wood tower with lantern and gallery. D.J. King's photo is at right, Lighthouse Digest has a photo by Amy Chang, Michelle Paul has a 2012 photo, Elisabeth Poscher has a 2011 photo, and Google has a street view and a satellite view. Built as a tourist attraction, the lighthouse overlooks both Cochin and Jackfish Lakes from the narrow isthmus between the two. It stands on Pirot Hill, a site donated by Don and Hilda Pirot. The lighthouse was renovated in 2017. Located on SK 4 just north of Cochin, Saskatchewan. Site open, tower apparently open in season (details are needed). Owner/site manager: Village of Cochin.

Alberta Lighthouses
#Sylvan Lake (1)
1988. Demolished in 2012. Approx. 20 m (66 ft) octagonal wood tower with lantern and gallery. Lighthouse painted white; the gallery and lantern roof were red. A closeup photo is available, Wikimedia has Kor Nielsen's closeup photo, and Google has a distant 2009 street view. In August 2012, it was announced that the privately-owned lighthouse would be removed to make way for new development, and it was toppled on 18 October 2012. The lighthouse was located at the Sylvan Lake Marina, at the southeast end of Sylvan Lake, about 20 km (13 mi) west of Red Deer, Alberta.
Sylvan Lake (2)
2016. Active (?); white light, characteristic unknown. Approx. 15 m (49 ft) octagonal wood tower with lantern and gallery. Tower painted white, lantern red. Google has a street view, but the lighthouse is too new to appear in Google's satellite view. The Sylvan Lake Lighthouse Project coordinated efforts to design and build a replacement lighthouse. The construction contract was awarded in late September 2015, and the lighthouse was inaugurated on Canada Day (July 1), 2016. The new lighthouse is on the downtown waterfront east of the marina in Sylvan Lake. Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: Town of Sylvan Lake (Rotary Lighthouse Park).
* [Pratt's Landing]
2013. Active; focal plane 7 m (23 ft); flashing white light. 4 m (13 ft) octagonal wood lighthouse with a small lantern. Lighthouse painted white, lantern blue. The solar-powered lighthouse guides boaters on their return to the Pratt's Landing Campground, on the Peace River near Fairview in northern Alberta. Site open, tower closed.

Cochin Light, Cochin, Saskatchewan, August 2006
Flickr Creative Commons photo by D.J. King

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