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U.S. Commercial Bushel Sizes


Data from the University of Missouri's Agricultural Publication G4020, by William J. Murphy, Department of Agronomy.


Weight per bushel (lb)
Alfalfa 60
Barley 48
Clover, Alsike 60
Clover, Crimson 60
Clover, Ladino 60
Clover, White 60
Clover, Red 60
Clover Sweet 60
Corn, shelled 56
Corn, ear 70
Cotton 32
Cowpeas 60
Flax 60
Grass, Brome (smooth) 14
Grass, Blue 14
Grass, Fescue (tall) 14
Grass, Orchard 14
Grass, Redtop 14
Grass, Timothy 45
Lespedeza 40-50
Millet 50
Oats 32
Rapeseed 60
Rye 56
Sorghum, forage 50
Sorghum, grain 56
Soybeans 60
Sudan grass 28
Sunflower (oil type) 24-32
Trefoil, Birdsfoot 60
Vetch 60
Wheat 60

Fruits and Vegetables

Data from the Georgia Farm Bureau (including earlier versions no longer online). The Bureau states, "These weights are based on federal standards and can be used as general guidelines when purchasing these commodities in bushel quantities."

 Commodity Weight per bushel    Commodity Weight per bushel
Apples 40 lbs. Mustard Greens 18 lbs.
Lima Beans (unshelled) 30 lbs. Onions 57 lbs.
Green or Waxed Beans 30 lbs. Peaches 50 lbs.
Snap Beans 30 lbs. Field Peas 25 lbs.
Shelled Corn 56 lbs. Sweet Potatoes (green) 55 lbs.
Corn (in ear) 35 lbs. Sweet Potatoes (dry) 50 lbs.
Cowpeas 60 lbs. Spinach 20 lbs.
Cucumbers 48 lbs. Tomatoes 53 lbs.
Eggplant 33 lbs. Turnips (without tops) 54 lbs.
Field Peas (in hull) 25 lbs. Turnip Greens (dry) 16 lbs.
Muscadines 50 lbs. Turnip Greens (wet) 18 lbs.
Okra 26 lbs. Squash 40 lbs


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