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Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale provides a score in the range 3-15; patients with scores of 3-8 are usually said to be in a coma. The total score is the sum of the scores in three categories. For adults the scores are as follows:

Eye Opening Response Spontaneous--open with blinking at baseline 4 points
Opens to verbal command, speech, or shout 3 points
Opens to pain, not applied to face 2 points
None 1 point
Verbal Response Oriented 5 points
Confused conversation, but able to answer questions 4 points
Inappropriate responses, words discernible 3 points
Incomprehensible speech 2 points
None 1 point
Motor Response Obeys commands for movement 6 points
Purposeful movement to painful stimulus 5 points
Withdraws from pain 4 points
Abnormal (spastic) flexion, decorticate posture 3 points
Extensor (rigid) response, decerebrate posture 2 points
None 1 point

For children under 5, the verbal response criteria are adjusted as follow

SCORE 2 to 5 YRS 0 TO 23 Mos.
Appropriate words or phrases Smiles or coos appropriately
Inappropriate words Cries and consolable
Persistent cries and/or screams Persistent inappropriate crying &/or screaming
Grunts Grunts or is agitated or restless
No response No response


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