MATH 31 (Fall 1998)

Errors in the textbook:

p.72, 2.5
First full paragraph, next to last line
"...arbitrarily small be requiring..." should read "...arbitrarily small by requiring..."

p.904, A.3
First sentence
"complemented" should be "complimented"

A-6, 2.7
#15 Not continuous at x = 3

A-8, 3.2
#15 Insert an x in the numerator to get the correct derivative, namely -12x/(x2+1)2
#41(b) 0.5

A-11, 4.1
#11 Maximum value is 1/2 (not sqrt(3)/2)

A-12, 4.3
#5   Critical points: 0
        local minimum: Ψ(0)=0
        no local maximum

A-16, 4.8
#7 c = 1 (-1 is not in the open interval (-1,2))

I'm sure there are others I have missed. If you find any, please pass them along.

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