Housewarming Halloween Party October 31, 2003

I took photos with a borrowed old digital camera. Unfortunately, many low-light pictures did not come out: the pictures of the projected ghost (on the garage door), shots of decorations in the house (spider webs, hanging spiders and bats, ghost-in-the-wall, flicker-bulb lighting, black lights, lights and cauldron in the basement) and shots outside (ghosts hanging in the trees, lighting down the driveway). Also, I missed getting pictures of a few people, and entirely missed the people who came without a costume. A few of these are from my father's photos - he was shooting everything under the moon!

Moat Gator
Our Moat Gator, lying in wait in the stone moat
Moat Nessie 1
Moat Nessie, the big stone monster in the stone moat. Hoping the Gator distracts you so she can eat you.
Moat Nessie 2
Another view ... scary, eh?
Hall Ghost 1
Ghost in the closet. One of those that move when there's a loud noise. Cute.
Hall Ghost 2
Another view - the ghost in all it's glory
Wall Skeleton 1Wall Skeleton 2
A couple of views of the wall skeleton in our hallway
Me and Mary
The Hosts

My father got this shot Mary and me. They're good costumes, but you can probably figure out who's who.
Becky and Mary 1Becky and Mary 2 Becky and Mary

Both did a ton of work decorating the house, cooking the food, and generally getting things ready for the party. Hip hip, HOORAY! Hip hip, HOORAY! HIP HIP, HOORAYYYY!!!
Becky and Mary 3
Another shot with the scary red eyes!
Dad and Mom

They came in from Michigan for the party. They bought some scary-looking masks. As expected, it didn't last - got too hot under there!
Mom and Dad
My Parents

Isn't the couple just lovely?
SergeSerge in profile

Mad wizard - note the scary wand of power. The beard didn't last long ... ended up crawling around on our coffee table. Fended off all attempts to kill it for several days, but we finally disposed of the thing. Serge came all the way from New York for the party!
Me and Serge
Serge and I Standing Around

That costume was hot!!
The Sopkos

It took me a couple of seconds to recognize Shirley when I first saw her.
The Weilars

Sorry it's out of focus! The foyer was dark, with the flicker-bulb lights and scary BOO! music in the background. So I was taking pictures by aiming in the generally correct direction, snapping a shot, and looking at it on the little digital screen to see if it was OK. I guess it was too dark or too little to figure out if it was in focus!
RandyC and ??
Randy Coombs and ? (sorry, I don't remember your name)

So, the first shot was taken in mid-sentence and Maura had a really goofy look on her face (and you know it was goofy if I could even tell on that little camera screen!). This was attempt #2. The photo doesn't do it justice - the dress was very nice!
The Plumadores

Pretty cool costumes! And, even though the knight thing looks uncomfortable, it was all light-weight material, so Jason wasn't hot (despite the air conditioning on high) like the rest of us were!
Dupre-Rios and Green
Dupre-Rios and Green

Another pair of very nice costumes ... wish I could have gotten it all in picture!
The Pfeiffers

Hope I spelled the name right! A very nice wizard/sorceror's costume ... if only YOU had gotten the redeye in this shot! Can you tell what's been Photoshopped here?
The Tranquilos

There was a story behind these costumes ... if only I could remember what it was!

Hadn't seen this fellow in quite a while. Had to go back to his car 'cause he forgot the hat and hook, and I couldn't even get the hook in the shot! Oh well, maybe next year!
Ranju and Aisha
Ranju and Aisha

Late arrivals. Got lost, but we're glad they eventually found their way.

Dude, you've got a big bug on your face! You know that despite the pretty wings, they're still bugs, right?

Probably driving the 2 above, and probably why they were lost! Of course, ended up going to Franklin St later ... such a party cat!
Mark Hutchinson
Mark Hutchinson

Or, I guess it's King Mark.  Not a very exciting costume, but good to have him there, anyway!
Serge at Party's End
Serge and Misu

Serge and Earnest were both on the couch pretending to be watching a movie. Unfortunately, Earnest (who was asleep holding a can of Sprite upright and perfectly still) woke up when we turned the TV off, so I didn't get a shot.

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