Anesthesia Jeopardy
Example HR

Aronson/Keogh Conference 1999

Lower Extremity Block Techniques

Miscellaneous Review July 2003


Example HR

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Template Instructions

  1. I use Netscape Composer to edit the pages, although just about any html editor should work fine, of course. I don't suggest using MS Word - it should work, but I'd guess it makes the pages slower and bigger: with Word's "save as web page" function (i.e., html) a lot of extra, unnecessary tags are added. Composer is a free application that comes with the Netscape package.
  2. Make a copy of the JTemplate folder ... work with the copy! Rename the folder whatever you like. Leave the 4 files as separate pages, and do not change their names! They should all be kept in one folder.
  3. The pages are:
  4. Once you're ready to play the game, use Netscape Navigator to browse the pages. Start the game on the JeopBrd1 page.