Big Big, Little Little, Old Old

Below a rolling hill there lived a tiny old old man and this old old man would garden every year on the first day of sunny spring. One sunny day, on this little flat land below the hill, this old old man came out to see his huge garden. His garden this ye ar was exceptionally beautiful because it was looking very bright and very full, except for one spot he was not very pleased with. This old old man went inside his little golden hay house to think of what he wanted to plant in that little bare spot in his garden below the rolling hill. Soon after, the old old man had accomplished nothing.

Finally, a little later he decided to plant a big bush of Christmas holly. He chose Christmas holly because he needed some red in his huge garden. This old old man went to all the little wh ite houses on the steep and rolling hill asking to borrow a piece of holly. No one from the hill could spare a piece of holly. This old old man was too old to travel beyond the hill to look for holly. So the old old man decided it was too late to think of what to do, so he went to bed for the night.

While this man was asleep, a big big storm came and this big big storm knocked down a little little tree. When the old old man awoke, he saw the little little tree. The old old man felt sorry for the little little tree. Instead of going to search for holl y, he decided that he was going to plant this little little tree and watch it grow for the rest of his days. After the old old man planted the little little tree he was very tired and decided to go to his little golden hay house for some rest. The old old man did not awake from his sleep this time, and so he never saw his little little tree grow into a big big t ree. This tree grew into the prettiest tree in his whole garden. Maybe, just maybe, the old old man's spirit grew inside of this tree.

And this is how the garden became a landscape.

Chatham Elementary Upper Grades