Once upon a time, there lived a King and Queen who were the gods of Asia. They lived at the tip of the mountains. Their names were Shiva and Parveti.

One day Shiva went to earth to fight in a war. Parveti waited and waited and waited for several months for Shiva to come home. One day Parveti lost her patience, went backyard and picked up a huge mound of clay. She made the form of a little boy . She told this statue that he was going to be her son. She named him Ganesha.

One day, Parveti told Ganesha not to open the door to anyone while she took her bath. While Parveti was taking her bath, the door flung open and in walked Shiva. He was covered with lion and bear skins. He also had a very long sword at his side. Ganesha got in the way and blocked Shiva from getting in the house. "My mother told me not to let any strangers in our house." Shiva got very angry and drew his sword to cut off Ganesha's head.

Parveti heard loud voices. She jumped out of the bath and ran into the hallway. She saw Shiva standing there with his sword in his hand with blood all over it and Ganesha's body laying on the floor. She asked Shiva, "Why did you kill our son?" He told her that he didn't know that they had had a son. Shiva went into the woods looking for Ganesha's head. He could not find it. So on his way back to the house, he came upon an elephant. This elephant told Parveti he could use his head. So Parveti cut off the elephants head and took it home.

He placed it on Ganesha's body and he put life back into his son. Shiva told his son that he was very sorry for cutting off his head. He also told his son that one day HE WOULD BECOME KING OF ALL KINGS in Asia. Parveti touched Ganesha and the n all of a sudden he grew two extra arms on each side of his body and one foot that grew out of his lower backside. Parveti told his son, that now he is truly a GOD.

The End

Carrboro Elementary Upper Grades