picture of Makara
Sea Monster (Makara)
15th Century, Asian Gallery
Ackland Museum

The Makara Named Crete

One day a long time ago, there was a Makara sitting by a river on a full moon. The Makara, named Crete (the name of island off the coast of Greece) was waiting. She was waiting for the evil king and his soldiers. When they met under the starles s sky, they were ready to destroy and take over the little town called Wintheca. After they took over, the evil king would own the town and Crete would be the next ruler when the evil king died.

Just then, Crete heard a rustle in the bushes far away. She hid until she was sure that they were the king's soldiers. Then she came out surprising the soldiers who blocked themselves with their shields. Only the king was not surprised. The king said, "Put down thy shields, it is Crete, the great warrior." Then all the soldiers started talking because they thought that Crete was a male human, not a female Makara. " Silence, or else the villagers might hear us!" said the king. So together the king, the soldiers, and Crete crept up to the gate of the little town. There, the dragon who was guarding the gate, was asleep. " Burn him." said the king. So Crete let out a fiery, burnt smelling breath, burnin g the surprised dragon. There they fought a battle too bloody to tell in detail. They hung, burnt, and tortured many people. But, finally they won, and the evil king took over the town of Wintheca.

Some time after the battle, Crete got bored because the king was not dying. So she walked up to the king and said, " Goodbye evil king." and burned him with her fiery breath. Then she ordered the servants to carry the king to the ga rbage. As soon as she sat down there was a knock at the door. The servants opened the door and as soon as they did a green blast came spinning through the air heading straight towards Crete. It hit her square in the heart. She screamed a bloodcurdling scream and turned into a clump of clay..................

Many years later an archaeologist was digging for fossils. Then he felt something hard. He said, " I found something!" He dug it up and it was Crete the Makara. They sent Makara to the Ackland Art Museum, where it still is today. Some believe each year, on the day that Crete was killed, she looks for the wizard who killed her, and destroys anyone in her path.

Carrboro Elementary Upper Grades