It´s raining, it´s pouring,
The sailboat is soaring.
The lightning is strong,
and the water is rushing!

The colors are so very bright.
The bridge has a tremendous height.
Boats with people rushing under the bridge.
Maybe they have a family somewhere!

The sky is so dark,
as well as the lightning.
The town is so bright.
I think there are flash floods!

The picture does not just look like a storm.
It looks like a blown up laboratory too.
The rain drops are beakers,
with boiling chemicals inside.

Maybe there is a bomb going off.
World War II in a small town.
Big fires everywhere.
The smoke is quickly clearing away.

There are many scenes in this picture.
Maybe there is a story or two.
What was the artist trying to paint?
Only he knows, that´s what I think!

Carrboro Elementary Upper Grades