The Fisher Boy of The Falls of Tivoli

Every day at noon, when the sun is high, the fisher boy appears in the doorway of his hut with his fishing rod and his fish basket. He walks down the shady path to the river with his dog behind. This path is cool and shade pours down from the tree leaves. Sitting on cool rocks in the middle of the river, the boy turns his back to the sun. Lowering his fishing rod into the river he waits for fish to bite. While he waits he watches the white birds who come to the river every day swoop and dive and glide on the wind. Every once in a while the boy feels a little tug, but if the fish is too small he lets it go. Then as the evening approaches the fisher boy gathers his catch of fish and the boy and the dog walk side by side up the shady path to their hut. There they sit in the doorway and watch the sun go down as they share a dinner of fish together.

Carrboro Elementary Upper Grades