Undulating Expanse
oil on canvas 1955
Roberto Sebastian Matta Eschaurren
Ackland Museum

Undulating Expanse

When I look at this painting, I see a world of color and imagination: a wonder beyond anything. It grabs you away from reality and pulls you into a different dimension where time drifts slowly in space. Life and happiness never touch hate, greed, or wor ries. There is never the temptation to hurt another. This world is called Girtha. Girtha is unknown to human kind for it a human were to travel there, they must never return to their home. Girtha must stay a secret; otherwise, man would turn Girtha in to the greedy world that Earth is now.

One day Hans Hofmann, a painter, was setting up is canvas wondering what to paint. He turned around to find his paints and tripped on a fallen soda can. Hans hit his head on the tip of a table and then fell unconscious.

When he awoke, he was on a strange planet that had three stars in the sky: one blue, one green, and one huge with a squiggled line across it. "I must be dreaming." Hans said aloud. "This can´t be true."

"You do not dream of Githa," an unfamilar voice said. "Who are you?" Hans managed to say. "I am Brit, keeper of the time travel zone." "You, Hans Hofmann are to see our god."

Hans spent what seemed like hours talking to Brit. Brit told about how he lived and that there was no hate or evil on Githa. Hans wished he could stay there forever. Just then Hans realized he was strapped down. He saw Brit take out something but his vision became blurry, and he feel asleep.

"Wake Earth man!" a big voice demainded. "Your memory is to be erased and you will be sent back to your planet." Hans was trapped so he did all he could do. He ran out of the gold glittering tower and he kept running. He could hear lots of small people behind him. Hans ran. The voices died down.

Hans didn´t want to go back to this awful planet. He wanted to stay near Brit and remember everything. Then Hans tripped and fell, becoming unconscious once more. He awoke to find himself in a hospital bed. He knew the world of happiness had been only a dream. Hans recovered from his head injury and painted the wonderful world he had dreamed up on canvas.

Or was it real...Hans didn´t know.

Carrboro Elementary Upper Grades