Ideology Inventory

The existence of differences in social, political, and religious institutions that are related to differences in ideology provide evidence that “Ideas have Consequences.” Similarly, differences among individuals in ideology may also be related to individual differences in behavior. The Ideology Inventory was developed to measure support for “isms”-- e. g., capitalism, socialism, feminism, traditionalism, atheism, monotheism—that are cultural units of ideology. The Ideology Inventory consists of seven-point scales to measure strength of support or rejection of a sample of social, economic, political, religious, spiritual, philosophical and scientific isms.

Anonymous volunteers are invited to contribute to this research on variation in support for or rejection of sampled isms. Although measures of ideology may be useful to science and society, the reward to the individual is to satisfy their intellectual curiosity while contributing to development of new concepts and measures of ideology.

I would be very grateful for your free and anonymous report of your support or rejection of the isms included in the Ideology Inventory. It is your free choice of whether to response, to omit any items or to discontinue at any time, including not submitting your responses. However your responses would contribute to exploration of concepts and measures of ideologies that influence behavior of individuals and societies.

Please Take the Ideology Inventory by Clicking Here