Marital Inventory - MARI

Volunteers are needed to complete an inventory on marital relationships. You are asked to describe your mate's behavior toward you. The inventory explores perceptions of mates both as friends and lovers. The current inventory extends my previous studies of parent-child and husband-wife relationships, child development, and mental health of family members. My earlier research focused on husbands and wives as friends; Greeley's research as lovers. The current study integrate both as they relate to marital happiness and mental health. I want to thank and acknowledge Charles. K. Burnett and Marianna Edgerton for their collaboration in developing the concepts and behaviors utilized.

Your responses to the survey are anonymous. Before you proceed to the survey, if you would like to receive a summary of the statistics and results when compiled and analyzed in the summer of 1997, please e-mail me. If you are a researcher, clinician, or counselor who is interested in using this copyrighted material in your work, please describe your proposed use in the e-mail. The survey requires approximately twenty minutes to complete, but I hope you will discover behaviors that will improve your relationship.

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