Working Papers

The All-Pay Auction with Independent Private Values (with Fei Li )

Drop-Out in Small and Large Contests

All-Pay Auctions with Correlated Signals: Fragility of Monotone Equilibria (with Jingfeng Lu )

Group Composition in Contests (with A. Rubinchik )

Monotone Equilibrium of Two-Bidder All-Pay Auctions Redux (with Jingfeng Lu )

A Theory of Dynamic Contests: Deadlines & Effort Smoothing (with J.L. Joffrion),

Smooth Ex-Post Implementation with Multi-Dimensional Signals (with C. Mezzetti).

Published Papers

Contests with Three or More Heterogenous Agents (with A. Rubinchik ), GEB 2010.

Correlated Information, Mechanism Design and Informational Rents, JET 2005.

Affiliated Common Value Auctions with Differential Information, BEJTE 2006.

On The Failure of The Linkage Principle with Financially Constrained Bidders (with H. Fang ), JET 2003.

Eq. of Affiliated Value SPA with Financially Constrained Bidders (with H. Fang ), GEB 2002.