Elizabeth Shamseldin


Statistics Instructor

Department of Statistics at UNC Chapel Hill

Contact Information

Office: Howell 200-B
Phone: 962-7512
Email: shamseld "at" email dot unc _dot_ edu

In Lisbon, Portugal for the 2007 ISI Meetings

Portugal Pictures! August 2007

Around Lisboa
Palace of Queluz
Jeronimos Monastary, St. George's Caste, Beaches

Pictures from my June 07 trip to Seattle

Pictures from my Colorado Adventure
Pictures from Summitting Bear's Peak


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Family at Nicole and Dip's Wedding

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About Myself

I am a #@*th year (double sigh) PhD student in the department of Statistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During the Fall 06/Spring 07 semesters, I worked on a NOAA grant continuing the research project I began in the spring 2006 semester at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It is an extreme value project for climate modeling in the statistics group at NCAR. In 2005 and returning this summer 2006, I worked in the Health Sciences group at the statistical consulting company, Constella Group, LLC. In 2002, I worked for the Research and Development group at SAS.

Before Grad Student Life...

I received my undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Sonoma State University, a small public university in Northern California. After graduating, I worked for Fair, Isaac and Company as a Project Engineer in the Custom Analytics Group building decision models for the financial industry.

NCAR Visitor, IMAGe

National Center for Atmospheric Research
My NCAR webpage (It looks remarkably like this one, but has some cool NCAR stuff on it, like the research I did while I was there.)

Contact Information

Office: Library Carrel 10
Phone: (303) 497-1769
Email: shamseld "at" email dot unc _dot_ edu