Step 3. Specify the attributes and sub-attributes that are influential in the decision making process 




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Step 3: Specify the attributes

            The next progression is to select attributes that will delineate whether an option is feasible and effective to address the identified problem.   The individual must select which attributes, and hence sub-attributes, and sub-sub-attributes, flowing to the bottom of the hierarchy tree, that are applicable to evaluate the effectiveness of the specified options.  Virtual NC has included the most common and telling attributes of sustainability.  Furthermore, the decision maker is encouraged to incorporate any other attributes that seem appropriate and necessary to rate a given option.  


Example:  The attributes to analyze for the feasibility of each option—1) not building a new subdivision means that the community must examine economic vitality, social justice, and population growth rate attributes to determine if it is feasible not to have more housing; 2) subdivision on the periphery - ……

3) infill subdivision - ……..