The Summa de vitiis by the French Dominican William Peraldus is a Latin treatise written before 1250 and very probably intended for use in preaching and pastoral care. It consists of nine tractatus that deal successively with: vices in general, gluttony, lechery, avarice, acedia or sloth, pride, envy, wrath, and the sins of the tongue.

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A group of scholars have undertaken to prepare a semi-critical edition of the Summa de vitiis, based on selected manuscripts and provided with source identifications. As a first step, we are preparing a normalized text from a printed edition; for questions concerning the individual vices, please contact the respective contributor. The current participants in this project are: Kent Emery, Jr. (Notre Dame, on luxuria), Joe Goering (Toronto, on invidia and ira), Richard Newhauser (Trinity University, San Antonio, on vices in general, gula, and avaritia), and Siegfried Wenzel (Pennsylvania, director, on acedia and superbia). E-mail addresses are available on request from ""

The following files contain material generated primarily for the use of the scholars involved in this project. They are freely available for anyone interested in this project; but we would very much like hearing from anyone who finds them useful, and in the case of transcriptions and trial editions, would appreciate having our work properly acknowledged.

Vices in General -- Outline

Gluttony -- Outline

Lechery -- Outline

Avarice -- Outline

Acedia -- Outline

Acedia -- Text

Pride -- Outline

Pride -- Text

Envy -- Outline

Wrath -- Outline

Sin of the Tongue -- Outline

Sins of the Tongue part

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