Selected Ballparks of the Appalachian League

Selected Ballparks of the Appalachian League

The Appalachian League is Rookie Classification

Burlington Athletic Stadium--Burlington, North Carolina

Home of the Burlington Indians of the (Rookie) Appalachian League. Capacity: 3,000. Personally one of my favorite places to see a ball game during the summer. Plenty of space between the bleachers and the field for fathers to have a catch with their sons.

My friend Pete Mock introduces you to Burlington Athletic Stadium.

Hunnicut Field--Princeton, West Virginia

Former home of the Princeton Devil Rays. New stadium now sits on same site. Former capacity: 1,537. Stands are pretty much on the right field side of stadium. Check out my notes

J. Fred Johnson Stadium--Kingsport, Tennessee

Former home of the Kingsport Mets. Capacity: 8,000. Actually a high school baseball/football field. Because of chain linked fence, one of the few stadiums not to have advertisements on the outfield walls. Look at my notes.

Sports Complex--Kingsport, Tennessee

Present home of the Kingsport Mets. Capacity: 2,500. One of the newest stadiums in the Appalachian League. The pride and joy of many a Kingsport Mets fan. Has a nice rural backdrop.

Dan Daniel Memorial Park--Danville, Virginia

Danville Braves reside in one of the more modern Appalachian League Ballparks (build in 1993). Capacity 2,588. Some people refer to the architecture of the stadium as Lego Land. Park is situated against a very tall hill.

DeVault Memorial Stadium--Bristol, Virginia

Current residence of the Bristol White Sox. Capacity 2,000. Some of the bleachers in rightfield are made up of just plain cinder blocks. Behind the leftfield bleachers is a nice shaded grassy area where most of the fans sit.

Bowen Field--Bluefield, West Virginia

If one ballpark truly represents the essence of the Appalachian League it is this one. Home to the Bluefield Orioles, the ballpark seats 2,250. The grandstand area used to not have any permanent type seating. Folding metal and lawn chairs used to surround the entire ballpark. That all changed in 1998 when permanent orange seats were installed and netting was added around grandstand to prevent potential law suits. Bowen Field has been written about by many different baseball publications as a must-see minor league ballpark attraction.

Hooker Field--Martinsville, Virginia

Now the home of the Martinsville Astros. Stadium seats 3,200 which makes it one of the larger parks in the Appalachian League. Located in a foothills town in southern Virginia, the stadium has a nice small town feel to it. It's especially nice to sit in the grassy area behind the third base side.

Calfee Park--Pulaski, Virginia

The oldest and most unique field in the Appalachian League. Capacity: 2500. Presently is the home of the Pulaski Rangers. The stadium is rectangular and built into the side of the hills. The 1st base side is surrounded by mountains. Beyond the outfield is a row of houses where the residents can enjoy watching a ball game from their front porch.

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