Annotated list of videos produced

Annotated list of films and videos produced


There's Something Wrong With My Roommate
Starring: Dave Dawson, Bill Long, etc... Nighmarish sequences when Long, has nightmare that his roommate (Dawson) has gone strange.
The Real World
Starring: Randall Whitfield, Sabine French. Whitfield has allusions of granduer where he thinks he'll make a great actor, commedian, astronaut, etc. French, though, tries to set him straight.
The Huegerich Documentary
Starring: Jim, Tricia, Ammanda, Anneka, Jordan, and Reid Heugerich. Documents the 1984 life of the Huegerich family in 1984 Orange County, North Carolina.
Carolina On My Mind
Starring: Robert Hawkins, April Spencer, Jonathan Strickland (As Shamou). Student (Hawkins) wants nothing more than to transfer from Appalachian State University to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


East Dorm Party
Crazy scenes from a party at Appalachian State University.
The Groupher
Starring: Jonathan Strickland, Ronnie Yee. Disheveled individual (Strickland) runs into the eggman (Yee). Quite an avantgarde piece.
The Dating Game
Starring: Jonathan Strickland, Regina Newton, Brian Anderson, Traci Warren. Four students discuss the trials and tribulations of dating and mating in this faux documentary.
Tom Arnel Deranged Person
Starring a cast of many. My attempted at sketch comedy. Sketch 1: Detective on the run. Sketch 2: Twenty-Five Cent Gas. Sketch 3: Spanish Soap Opera. Sketch 4: Appalachian Teachers College 1953.

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