Robbie's Lynchburgh

Robbie's Lynchburg

My name is Robbie Sullivan, I am a fifth grader, at Leake Jordan Middle School in Lynchburg, Virginia. I must say that I am confused.

I live in a small white house with my father and my aunt Martha. My moma died of this baseball players disease. Still, I've never seen my father cry. He just went on and said that we must pray and hope to purify stuff and things.

You see my dad is a member of Jerry Falwell's Liberty Church. For all they know, they think that I am in agreement with him. I don't know. I'm kinda confused. Reverend Falwell said that Jimmy Carter believes in giving all people equal protection and rights under the law and that includes the homosexuals. I don't know. My dad agrees with Fallwell. I think my dad goes alittle farther. He says that White Protestants are the best race and the sad thing that happened in America was when we imported those "niggers."

I remember just last year playing one-on-one basketball with my friend John. John is a negro. My dad never met John until last December. As my dad was driving back from work and he caught me playing basketball with John. When he got home, he slapped me three times on the face and told me never to see "that nigger" again. He said, "No nigger friends for you!!" I love my dad and have not talked to John since.

Dad does not understand why Jerry Falwell lets Negoes attend his church.

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