You can "QUOTE" these!

"Never eat a spittoon."

"Nothing is better than a good helping of peach and egg soup when reminiscing about the 1977 Detroit Pistons and Pele."

"Regulation of shirt and pants competitions is essential in a sane society."

"Develop me grey."

"In America, we as citizens should demand that everyone have the right to own a hood!"

"As many people as possible should enter make-up tasting contests."

"Take pleasure in the many indian burns you are eligible to receive."

"Remember, it is better to owe money than to vacuum your laundry."

"Those who drink oil are the envy of the frightened."

"Gymnasium fever. March it!"

"Join with me in the pregnacy of musk."

"Don't call me becks."

"Only 8 things beat a motel room sink and a turkey sandwhich."

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