Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreational Interests

*Spectator Interests
*Coaching Youth Basketball
*Major and Minor League Baseball Ballparks
*Cross-Country Skiing

Spectator Interests

Being from New York, I am a big fan of all of their sports teams:

* New York Knicks (Basketball)
*New York Rangers (Hockey)
*New York Giants (Football)
*New York Mets (Baseball)

However, since moving to North Carolina I've also become a Tar Heels fan.

Coaching Youth Basketball

Between 1986-90, 1992-93 I coached basketball in the Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Youth basketball league. In those years, I accumulated a pretty respectable record.

Ballpark Interests

During the summer I enjoy visiting different minor league ballparks. Check out some pictures of my favorite minor league ballparks. I also really enjoy visiting ballparks in the Appalachian league. This is rather dull if you are viewing from a text only browser. Also, check out my minor league page

In 1992 I visited Wrigley Field in Chicago. Check out the panoramic picture I took.

Cross-Country Skiing

Another recreational hobby I have is cross-country skiing. Almost every time that it snows in Carrboro (which is rarely). I break out the skiis. Some good websites for cross-country skiing are:
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