(Know by natives as Ichkeria)

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The following information has been formed to create a  more complete view of the area known as Chechnya.

Facts About Chechnya

Geographical Information:

Chechnya has a population of aproximately 862,000 people.  A majority of these people consider themselves Chechens, as they speak the Chechen language.

Chechnya is located near Russia, and is currently considered one of the Russian Republics.  The land makeup of Chechnya varies throughout the region's 5,800 square miles (15,000 sq km).  The southern region of Chechnya is dominated by the Caucasus Mountains while the northern region is mostly plains and lowlands.  Most of the agricultural production in Chechnya occurs in the western region.

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Cultural Information:

The people of Chechnya have maintained the native Chechen language, which is recognized both as a spoken and written language.  The written form of the Chechen language was originally based on Arabic Script.  During the 1920's Arabic Script was replaced by the Latin alphabet, which still remains today.

Religion has played a key role in the development of Chechnya as independent from Russia.  Over time, many Chechen people have adopted the practice of Islam, especially since 1990.  There are many theories dealing with the cause of such a strong promotion of Islam within Chechnya.  Many issues of religion deal with identity, and so will be discussed there.

The Chechen flag is composed of red, green, and white horizontal stripes, with green being adopted as a symbol of the Islam religion.

The National Anthem:
Listed below are the words (translated in English) to the Chechen National Anthem.  To here this song in the traditional Chechen language, click here.

                       We were born at night, when the she-wolf whelped.
                       In the morning, as lions howl, we were given our names.
                       In eagles nests, our Mothers nursed us,
                       To tame a stallion, our Fathers taught us.

                       We were devoted to our Mothers, to people and the Native
                       land, And if they will need us - we'll respond courageously,
                       We grew up free, together with the mountain eagles,
                       Difficulties and obstacles we overcame with dignity.

                       Granite rocks will sooner fuse like lead,
                       Than we lose our Nobility in life and struggle.
                       The Earth will sooner be breached in boiling sun,
                       Than we appear before the world; losing our honor.

                       Never will we appear submissive before anyone,
                       Death or Freedom - we can choose only one way.
                       Our sisters cure our wounds by their songs,
                      The eyes of the beloved arouse us to the feat of arms.

                       If hunger gets us down - we'll gnaw the roots.
                       If thirst harasses us - we'll drink the grass dew.
                       We were born at night, when the she-wolf whelped.
                       God, Nation, and the Native land -
                       We devote ourselves only to their service.

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Economic Information:

Chechnya's ideal location next to the Black Sea has made the exportation of oil a key to their economic survival.  Due to the recent wars and poor economic situation of this area, and the economic opression of the Chechen people by Russia, the people of Chechnya are not economically stable.  Although they have access to a large amount of oil, the Chechens are not able to use it to better their economic situation because they do not have complete control over the area.

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